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Castle Dasher


In a mystical forest, in a land we have heard of only in stories, a castle lay in ruins. In the middle of this castle, a tower stands looming over you, pushing itself up through the clouds.


Your quest, as a mighty knight, is to save the princess that the bards and barkeeps in the local town have told you is imprisoned at the very top. Although the quest may seem tough, your strong will shall guide you to the top, no matter the consequences, no matter how tall it may stand. 

Climb the endless tower with the hopes of finding the princess of legends at the very top.


Dash with your magical sword through enemies, boxes, and air to gain enough momentum to climb the floating platforms. 

Beat friendly knights who have also tried this seemingly impossible quest by getting even closer to the top than they have and encourage them to get even closer than you have. 

Good luck, my knights, and successfully save the princess from the dangers of high elevation. 


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